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Document Security Your Way

Document Security Your Way

Security is a top challenge for any organization Proprietary engineering information is located in folders across the enterprise – sometimes even on a users’ local hard-drive – yet it needs to be easily and safely accessible by other departments. A secure vaulting system protects documents and ensures your organization’s proprietary engineering information is not at risk of being lost, misplaced, deleted or even stolen. You need security AND you need to have access to your vaulted documents. A document management system that scrambles file names and moves file folders is going to make it hard and tedious to get at your documents if your system crashes or you want to migrate to another system.


Adept provides secure, controlled access to documents from any location. Whether you need a centralized vault or distributed vaults at each location, our unique smart vaulting maintains your native folder structure and file names without scrambling or moving your documents. Adept supports vault replication for fast access to the latest revision anytime, anywhere in the world. IT staff is not required to manage these rights and it’s often done by a project manager, CAD manager, or document control specialist.

What would it cost your company if an employee walked out with highly classified documents?

4,506 IT professionals estimate 49% of an organization's worth is derived from the information they own.