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Find Any Document… Anywhere
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Find Any Document… Anywhere

Find Any Document… Anywhere

The more effort you put into managing documents in your organization, the more likely that people will waste more time searching for the documents they need. Even when company design standards are in place, people make mistakes. They lose documents, overwrite them; store them on their hard drive, or someplace on the network. Most of the time there’s absolutely zero document control.

This problem only gets worse when you want to collaborate with other departments, global sites or multiple contractors. Everyone has their own ways of working, making it nearly impossible to share information efficiently. Research shows that an estimated 40% of an office worker’s time is spent managing unstructured data, and 20% of an employee’s time is wasted searching for a document.


With Adept you can:

  • search or browse for documents based on any information you know about the document(s), independent of the document’s location on global network
  • find documents without the need to remember confusing folder or file names
  • track attribute and property data any from AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, or MS Office document to eliminate all duplicate data entry
  • browse for a file using a tree-like file view, based on any combination of data fields on your Adept data card
  • find, copy, and modify existing documents for faster design reuse

As much as 80% of data that companies collect, create and manage today is unstructured & more difficult to search, store, share and analyze. This volume is expanding 35% to 50% every year.