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Engineering Document Management Solutions By Role
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Engineering Document Management Solutions By Role

Engineering Document Management Solutions By Role

Everyone up and down the organizational chart feels the pain of life without document management: Executives, IT and Operations, Management & Operations, CAD Users and General business users. Regardless of role, everyone is interconnected and interdependent and relies on the same related information throughout the enterprise.

Here’s how poor document manage practices ripples up the chain:

  • A CAD user loses a day or more re-drawing a design because the original was overwritten or lost!
  • This, in turn impacts the engineering manager, who now misses a delivery deadline to manufacturing!
  • The negative momentum builds when the vice president of engineering realizes key clients are at risk because of a deadline snafu!
  • The pain finds its way to up to the C-Suite, when lost business drives down profits and market share!
  • Everyone, at every level, is impacted by poor document management.

Learn how different people with different roles benefit from engineering document management — so wherever you stand in the ORG chart, you can champion the cause by understanding the pain of your colleagues and managers.


Adept document management and workflow solutions provide the information, automation and control your company requires to operate optimally.

Information Technology

Adept helps IT organizations centralize and efficiently manage enterprise information, and empower global users to find relevant information fast, while ensuring the integrity and security of mission critical electronic documents.

Management & Operations

The benefits of Adept are substantial, multi-faceted and include improved quality, faster time to market, a more efficient and productive workforce, decreased costs, and superior overall performance.

CAD User

Adept is designed to easily and effectively address the unique requirements of CAD users and is tightly integrated with various multi-CAD systems.

General User

Users across the organization have mission critical documents they need to find, manage, share and control. Adept makes it fast and easy to access documents located anywhere on your network, and ensures you always find the latest version.