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Engineering Document Management Solutions By Role

Stronger competition, elevated customer expectations, and for many, geographically dispersed organizations amplify the necessity to deliver better products or projects to market faster. As the volume of information organizations must manage grows exponentially, inefficiencies in accessing, managing, and sharing documents and information across the enterprise have a profound impact on your ability to sustain and thrive. Time consuming, error-prone manual processes have an equal or greater impact as employees spend valuable time on administrative tasks instead of focusing their skills and energy on strategic organizational goals.

Successful organizations utilize Adept to help achieve operational excellence by providing centralized, fast document access, automating workflow and approval processes across departments and geographies, disseminating accurate information to those who need it, and ensuring the integrity of mission critical electronic documents. Engineering and design departments have specialized document management requirements and need a solution designed to work with their specific CAD applications. Adept has been integrated with AutoCAD-based applications since 1991 and Autodesk Inventor since 2001. Adept has been a SolidWorks Gold-Certified PDM Product since 2003 and is tightly integrated with MicroStation. In fact, Adept can manage any PC file including Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and PDF documents.

Design teams use Adept to find and reuse existing design data quickly, take advantage of the solution’s advanced version control, CAD file relationship management, bi-directional attribute/property/tag linking, “in the window” CAD application integration, bill of material automation, and transmittal automation. Adept includes advanced 2D and 3D visualization, markup and compare capabilities providing native CAD data access to users who that do not have a seat of CAD on their desktop.

The benefits of Adept are substantial, multi-faceted and include improved quality, faster time to market, a more efficient and productive workforce, decreased costs, and superior overall performance.

  • Provide fast, centralized, and controlled access to correct document versions to authorized users across the enterprise
  • Connect geographically dispersed design teams, as well as remote manufacturing, customer service, and sales organizations
  • Locate documents quickly using structured or full text searching based on any information you know, regardless of the file’s location on your global network
  • Enable design reuse and improve design cycle times
  • Automate workflow and accelerate engineering change cycle times
  • Automate the creation of Excel-based Bills of Material
  • Create, send and track document transmittals easily
  • Maintain a complete record of every action that takes place to documents throughout their lifecycle
  • Streamline compliance with industry quality standards and regulations
  • Automatically manage relationships of AutoCAD XREFs as well as MicroStation References and Inventor and SolidWorks parts, assemblies, drawings and configurations
  • Centrally manage and track important email correspondence with other project documents
  • Provide team members with instant visualization of up to 450 supported file types