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Engineering Document Management Solutions By Role

As competition increases and the rate of change accelerates, organizations turn to IT, not simply to manage day to day system operations, but to close the gap between business strategy and execution. IT organizations must centralize and efficiently manage enterprise information – no matter where it resides, and empower global users to find relevant information fast, while ensuring the integrity and security of your mission critical electronic documents.

Adept provides single or multi-site companies with secure and controlled access to documents from any connected location. Whether you require a centralized document vault or distributed vaults at each location, Adept ensures your documents are secure and provides built in version control, an automated approval process and an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle.

Adept’s vaulting methodology is unique in that it provides the security and control you need without encrypting or scrambling your folder structure or filenames, and without importing your documents into the database itself; Adept never holds your data hostage. This foundational and unique approach also streamlines performance, ease of administration and backup, and reduces total cost of system ownership when compared with systems that import documents into a database. In the event of a Wide Area Network outage, Adept’s approach to vaulting ensures you have an easy, fast, and foolproof method to provide users access to documents with minimal downtime.

Adept is easy to implement and maintain, and provides significantly greater control over user/group access rights to documents than is offered by Windows. You have complete control over who can view, print, markup, copy, check in/out, assign, edit protected metadata fields, approve, delete, move, rename and more. Adept’s simple and unified administration interface makes it easy for project managers or CAD Managers to control day to day user access rights, without burdening busy IT staff.

Adept is scalable to meet the needs of a small workgroup or a large enterprise, and is designed to work with Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

  • A single Adept implementation manages document vaults located anywhere, providing local access to documents for users who need it most, eliminating unnecessary transfers and ensuring faster document access time
  • Adept provides the document security you need without encrypting or scrambling documents and folders, or placing them into a database
  • Achieve an easy, fast, and foolproof method for providing access to documents with minimal downtime in the event of a Wide Area Network failure
  • Eliminate the need for special or additional backup software or utilities since documents remain vaulted in a network accessible location
  • Provide fast, centralized access to the correct document version to users across the enterprise
  • Eliminate costly errors that arise from reliance on manual document filing and sharing processes, and the time it takes to restore lost or misplaced documents from backup
  • Assign document access rights with granular permissions to groups/individuals with greater control than Windows’ access rights
  • Provide a secure platform while distributing user access to documents to department leadership; IT support is not required to manage and control document access rights in Adept
  • Reduce password hassles; Adept users can maintain a single login for both Adept and Windows, and administrators can import and update Windows Active Directory user names and group information from within Adept
  • Rely on Adept’s flexible and scalable platform to ensure optimal performance as your document management needs grow and as more sites, users and documents are added
  • Engineered to optimize performance across Wide Area Networks, communication between users’ workstations and the application server is kept to a minimum
  • Low-level, socket based communication protocols ensure a ‘lean’ and unencumbered data transfer
  • Database information is compressed between the client and the server to preserve bandwidth and minimize data transfer
  • Adept takes advantage of multi-threaded server hardware for improved performance
  • Adept supports the use of 64-bit client and server hardware for improved performance
  • Interoperability ensures data accuracy across business systems, such as ERP/MRP, and eliminates redundant data entry