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Engineering Document Management Solutions By Role

Whether you are managing sales proposals, marketing content, purchase orders, financial documents, legal documents, email correspondence, photos and images, ISO or other quality documents, regulatory compliance documents, human resource documents, or scanning to create a paperless office, Adept can bring order to chaos, and can make your department and organization more efficient and productive. Users across the organization have mission critical documents they need to find, manage, share and control. Adept makes it fast and easy to access documents located anywhere on your network, and ensures you always find the latest version. Adept connects people across departments enabling more effective collaboration, and automates document workflow and approvals, helping to streamline your business processes. Adept provides native document viewing, as well as versatile document review and annotation capabilities for Office, PDF, CAD and graphic document types. Users can view, print, review and collaborate on hundreds of electronic document types, without requiring the authoring applications used to create them. Adept maintains a complete audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle, and provides granular access control to prevent unauthorized access to protected documents.

Most Adept clients have a variety of Word or Excel based corporate forms such as purchase requests, travel requests, expense reports, quotes, time sheets, and purchase orders. These forms can be set up so that when they are completed, they are managed by Adept and the information from the form can be automatically populated into Adept making it both searchable and reportable from within Adept. In addition, file relationships can be created between these forms and any other document managed by Adept, helping you link documents that have a dependency or are otherwise related.

  • Centralized document access and control for all your business and design documents
  • Immediate access to “one version of the truth” – the latest approved version
  • Track whatever information is important about your documents
  • Full text search capability supports office documents, drawings, PDFs and many other formats
  • Maintain a complete record of every action that takes place to a file throughout its lifecycle
  • Streamline compliance with industry quality standards and regulations
  • Create unique workflows to streamline your specific business processes
  • Ensure time sensitive business processes and approvals stay on track and are executed in a timely fashion
  • Centrally manage and track important email correspondence with other project documents
  • Includes advanced visualization for native file viewing, printing and markup for up to 450 formats
  • Choice of full featured Adept Desktop client or thin, browser-based Adept Explorer client for users who need primarily read only access