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"Adept saves the company time and ensures accuracy and achieving its business objectives to keep up with the industry demands for reduced costs, improved operational efficiencies, and adherence to government regulations."

- Energy Transfer / Sunoco Logistics
"The more the engineers used Adept, the more they saw the huge time savings. We used to spend hours looking for a document and now we can find it in five or six seconds."

- Toray Carbon Fibers
"As far as benefiting us as a business, Adept is about saving time and about keeping control of our documents."

- South Carolina Electric & Gas
"All the design teams that exist have each other’s latest and greatest documents in almost real-time.”

- Seahorse Bioscience
"Adept provides the flexibility to control and track revisions across multiple CAD platforms, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks and the scalability to support users across departments and locations.”

- Becton Dickinson
"Adept now gets us verification that someone has reviewed the design and also gives us a bit of metrics that say, ‘I approve a comment, or I reject it.’ The result is a dramatic reduction in time for outstanding signatures.”

- Qinetiq North America
"We have seen an increase in productivity because of document management. That was what we wanted to accomplish and Adept has delivered."

- Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
"We're saving a lot of time. We can search for drawings now and pull them up in a matter of minutes or seconds."

- NASA - Ames Research Center