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Implementations: Step by Step
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Implementations: Step by Step

Implementations: Step by Step

Proven methods tailored to your unique situation

During an Adept implementation, our experts bring years of unorganized documents and information into a single, organized central repository that delivers fast, easy, controlled access to all your information. At the end of an Adept implementation, your system is fully live and functional: CAD users, non-engineering users and Adept administrators are realizing the key benefits of document management

Here are the key tasks our solutions engineers accomplish while on-site at your organization:

  • System installation
  • Database configuration
  • Vault configuration
  • Workflow automation configuration
  • Bulk document loading
  • CAD and Office property/attribute linking
  • User and Group access rights
  • User training
  • Administrator mentoring

Importing Documents and Data into Adept
Since most clients have tens or hundreds of thousands of documents to import, loading existing documents into Adept is a critical aspect of the implementation. Adept’s Synchronization utility scans all your relevant folders and creates a one-to-one relationship between each file on the server and a corresponding Adept database record. In just a matter of minutes, your legacy documents are being managed by Adept.

During the synchronization, Adept extracts metadata (attributes, properties, and tags) from AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Microsoft Office, and MicroStation documents and populates the Adept database. This bi-directional attribute/property link ensures that your database has relevant, accurate information for searching and reporting. It also eliminates any and all manual or programmatic data entry.

Adept’s unique bulk document loading analyzes AutoCAD, Inventor and SolidWorks documents to determine the relationship of each file to its referenced documents. This relationship information is automatically stored in the database and “where-used” information can be viewed and managed from within Adept.