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Clearly the Best Engineering Data Management Solution

Clearly the Best Engineering Data Management Solution

Take a closer look at Adept's advantages
Smart Document Vaulting for Secure, Unhampered Data

securityYour most valuable asset is your data. You want to make sure it’s secure. But you don’t want it held hostage. Few, if any solutions give you an option.. . except for Adept.

Adept’s smart vaulting method is unique: It provides security and control without encrypting or scrambling your folder structure or filenames. . . and without importing your documents into a database. Companies want to know that their intellectual property is secure, but they also want it accessible in the event of a system failure or, if they want to transfer data from Adept to another repository. And, if you want to link to other enterprise systems, it’s easy to access the documents managed in Adept.

Adept’s vaulting provides single or multi-site companies with secure, controlled access to documents from any connected location. Whether you require a centralized document vault or distributed vaults at each location, Adept ensures your documents are secure with built in version control and an audit trail of who did what and when for each document throughout its lifecycle.

Here are more reasons why Adept’s vaulting gives you better performance, easier administration and faster backups:

  • A single Adept installation provides centralized access to multiple document vaults across your global network
  • There’s no need for special or additional backup software or utilities since documents remain vaulted in a network accessible location
  • IT resources are reduced by minimizing database size (e.g., no bloat) and backup times since managed documents are not placed in a database
Our clients are saying…

The encryption of file names was also a problem in the old system. There was always a sense of concern that if our old system failed, we would be in trouble. With Adept, we don’t have the problem of scrambled file names.”
— Gillig Corporation

We needed to un-encrypt our intellectual property. “We hired Synergis Software’s data migration team to do the job.”
— Miller Ingenuity

Vault Replication with a Difference

vault-replicationTo optimize performance across multiple design teams, vault replication makes sure that each site has local access to the documents they need to work on. Many systems offer vault replication but they replicate the entire file at every change, causing big delays across the network. Adept gives you vault replication with a premium performance booster: Replication with binary differencing, which replicates the changes between documents, speeding up data transfers and using way less network bandwidth. This is especially important in a solid modeling environment where design collaboration across sites happens frequently.

Our clients are saying…

Because of design collaboration becoming more of the de facto standard, replication has become a primary decision criterion. All the design teams that exist have each other’s latest and greatest documents in almost real-time.”
— Seahorse Bioscience

It’s a Multi-CAD World

cadAdept supports the world’s most popular 2D and 3D CAD software, including AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Autodesk Navisworks and MicroStation. So many companies today have multi-CAD environments they need a solution that provides optimum flexibility for managing large numbers of CAD drawings from many different applications. Adept’s tight integration with the top CAD software applications is a unique advantage over other software solutions.

Adept gives CAD users all the essential document and drawing management controls from inside the CAD application, so your design teams are more productive and can take advantage of design re-use. With Adept in place, CAD managers have better tools to manage engineering change processes and share engineering information with enterprise business systems such as ERP, MRP, or other electronic document management systems.

Our clients are saying…

We required a document management system that allowed for an easy, pain-free migration from our existing system. Adept provides the flexibility to control and track revisions across multiple CAD platforms, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks and the scalability to support users across departments and locations.”
— Becton Dickinson

Visibility to Critical Design Information Anytime, Anywhere

visibilityImagine a world where every key stakeholder has access to your design data – whether they’re in engineering, manufacturing, quality, operations, marketing or purchasing. And what if those same people could view, print, redline and assign documents without having a CAD application installed on their desktop? And they could access information from a workstation or a browser?

The beauty of having a world class visualization tool built into Adept is it gives visibility to design data from any vantage point in your organization. It also improves collaboration with in-house teams and external resources in the field or at sites across the globe.

Adept desktop and web clients include Oracle’s AutoVue 2D and 3D visualization platform, to deliver viewing, digital markup and document collaboration. Adept’ viewer supports several hundreds of formats, so there’s no need to install and manage multiple or separate viewers for different applications. And because the viewer is integrated into Adept, you control which users have the rights to view, print, and markup documents. Not only do you gain unparalleled value, but you save on overall system costs – the purchase of AutoVue as a standalone application is the same as a single seat of Adept Desktop.

Our clients are saying…

We have 100 people who use Adept’s built in visualization tool to view and mark up drawings and collaborate. Adept has provided great cost savings because people can access documents with the viewer quite efficiently at their own workstation.”
— Mosaic Potash

Transmittals for powerful communication

communicationsCommunicating and tracking project information inside and outside the organization is a crucial part of project completion. Getting the right revisions and documentation to the right people can make or break a project deadline.

Adept’s Transmittal automation capabilities let you create, send, and track transmittals to others – whether it’s clients, contractors, or vendors – while it reduces errors and time-to-compile transmittal packages. Transmittal forms are flexible so you can design your own customized cover sheet. You can easily search for and select the documents to be sent with the transmittal from inside Adept’s controlled environment. You can also add and modify contacts that will receive the transmittal from within the Adept environment and the Transmittal can be automatically rendered to PDF, zipped, and emailed.

Probably the best part of Adept transmittals is it maintains a relationship between the transmittal cover sheet and all the documents that are being sent. You get a historical record of every single activity related to a transmittal, so you know who sent what, when and at what version.

Our clients are saying…

When you add up the cost for time and labor, we were spending $400,000 dollars a year just to send transmittals. Now with Adept, sending a transmittal is a much simpler process.”
— Taggart Global

We really needed a way to gain control and know what we were sending to vendors and to customers and make it easy for others in the company to gain access to engineering information so we could eliminate the widespread disruption to new product design.”
— Miller Ingenuity

Accelerate approvals with easy-to-design workflows

fastestAdept’s integrated workflow capabilities help organizations automate simple or complex processes. Whether you use Adept’s basic out-of-the box workflow or build more advanced workflows to track engineering change requests or multi-prong approvals for regulatory compliances, Adept helps you streamline your business processes and accelerate approvals for faster project completion. And with automated workflows, you get efficient, controlled collaboration across departments and with outside contractors, vendors and customers.

Our clients are saying…

This whole process now gets us verification that someone has reviewed it and also gives us a bit of metrics that say, ‘I approve a comment, or I reject it.’ The result is a dramatic reduction in time for outstanding signatures.”
— QinetiQ North America

The absolute fastest way to find documents – ever.

findWhile most document management systems give you multiple options to search for documents, Adept has a unique and powerful search capability you won’t see in any other system. Period. End of story. Part file tree structure, part metadata engine, Adept’s FileGuide lets you find documents using any combination of search criteria you choose. The ultimate searching tool, the FileGuide helps you find a document or file based on data that is relevant to you and your team -by project name, location and file type. . .or author, department and discipline. No more limits on the way you define searching.

Our clients are saying…

FileGuide views let users search by project, author, date, file type, or any other combination of search criteria. One FileGuide view is the ‘Library Browser’ that mimics an existing Windows tree structure, making it easy for people to navigate and search as they start out with the software.”
— South Carolina Gas & Electric

File relationship management

Adept learns about all of the “parent/child” relationships that exist between Adept and CAD documents from AutoCAD, MicroStation, Inventor and SolidWorks documents. It extracts the relationship information from the CAD file, and then ensures these relationships stay intact as documents are checked out, revised, checked in, routed through workflows, or copied. Read more.

Email notification

Adept provides automated email notification to individuals or groups of users. Appropriate team members are automatically notified via email when a file is assigned to them, awaits their approval, or when they need to be made aware of a change. Read more.

Email management

Managing important email correspondence with other project documents ensures secure, centralized access to all relevant project information across the enterprise. Read more.