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How Adept Integrates with Kubotek KeyCreator. Synergis Software.

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How Adept Integrates with Kubotek KeyCreator

How Adept Integrates with Kubotek KeyCreator

Synergis Adept provides companies that use Kubotek’s KeyCreator with a simple, powerful Product Data Management (PDM) solution. Adept’s KeyCreator integration offers manufacturers of all sizes superior ways to search, manage, and share data among design teams. In addition Adept for KeyCreator gives companies an affordable system to streamline their engineering design and change processes, increase productivity, and reduce time-to-market.

Adept for KeyCreator helps companies in the following ways:

Find and Re-Use Existing Design Data – Adept’s structured searching methods allow CAD users to quickly find and re-use existing design data. Adept also provides the ability to quickly and easily copy and rename complete designs including all related documents. Learn more

Property Linking – KeyCreator properties (File, File User, Part, Part User, Solid, Solid User) are automatically extracted into Adept, which eliminates manual data entry and ensures that important information about the design can be leveraged when searching for documents or generating reports. The link to File and File User properties are bi-directional, which gives authorized users the ability to update one or many KeyCreator properties from within Adept. These updates can be performed in single document or batch document mode without opening the documents or installing KeyCreator on a workstation. Learn more

File Relationship Management – Adept manages and tracks complex KeyCreator file relationships. As KeyCreator documents are checked out, revised, routed, copied, moved, or renamed, Adept guarantees all relationships remain intact and up to date.

Adept displays external file relationships in an easy to understand tree structure so users can see “where-used” and “composed of” information to understand the impact of changes to a file.


For internal relationships where users have created solids or multiple parts stored within a single KeyCreator file, Adept extracts this information and displays it in a grid. By adding columns to the grid, the Part/Part User or Solid/Solid User properties are displayed. Every part with one or more layouts is shown along with the name of the layout and a description, if that information is available.


Viewing – Adept uses the free version of KeyCreator Spectrum to view KeyCreator documents. Adept’s built-in viewer provides additional native file viewing for hundreds of formats including, 3D CAD parts and assemblies, 2D CAD drawings, scanned and raster documents, office documents, and EDA PCB/IC layouts and schematics. Learn more

Version Control – Version control prevents CAD users from working on an incorrect version or sending out the wrong version of a file to the shop floor, purchasing, or a building contractor. When CAD documents with simple or complex “parent/ child” relationships are revised, Adept ensures that those related documents are always linked to the correct version of the revised file. Learn more

In some CAD environments, it is important to track not only “major” versions, but also “minor” versions. Minor versions are a series of edits that may occur by multiple users prior to the file’s final approval. By tracking minor versions, you have the flexibility of prototyping multiple versions of a design prior to checking one in to replace the original file.

Bill of Material Automation – For KeyCreator documents containing external references, Adept allows users to automate the creation of an Excel-based Bill of Material from within Adept. Users have several configuration options: They  can output in either indented or flat formats or they can save settings for future use. Learn more