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Drawing and Document Workflow

Drawing and Document Workflow

Automating Engineering Change Management

Adept’s integrated drawing and document workflow helps organizations automate simple or complex engineering change management or business processes. Adept’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create, manage and re-use workflows that enhance efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure regulatory compliance.

To stay competitive, to get products to market faster, to get projects completed on time and under budget, you need to automate as many steps in your process as possible…and you need the flexibility to step in and modify those steps quickly when things change.  Like a traffic cop stepping in to direct traffic flow.

Here’s the a few of the many ways that Adept can automate your drawing and document workflow:

  • Create unique workflows that streamline your specific business processes
  • Accelerate approvals and better manage engineering change cycle times
  • Reduce exposure to risk from audit, regulatory and litigation issues
  • Enable a paperless office
  • Receive automatic engineering change notifications via email and Adept Inbox
  • Set time-based alert notifications to improve workflow efficiency and identify bottlenecks
  • Ensure authorized access by assigning members for each step
  • Allow a user or any group member to complete a workflow step
  • Require consensus from multiple approvers before a document moves to the next step
  • Define reroute, expedite, and check out at each workflow step, as needed
  • View document workflow status, including steps completed and remaining
  • Automate version control and audit trail for every document throughout its lifecycle