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Scalability and Multi-Site Optimization

Scalability and Multi-Site Optimization

Adept clients are managing documents and information across multiple sites around the world. Our largest clients manage millions of documents across more than 40 sites worldwide. Whether your company has remote design teams, manufacturing, client service, sales, contractors or other subsidiaries that need to share information or collaborate, Adept provides a single point of control for all of your enterprise documents and drawings.

Most multi-site clients implement one central database that manages document vaults located in multiple locations. Adept is designed and optimized to work with the world’s leading database platforms including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, ensuring fast and reliable performance for companies of all sizes.

Adept’s distributed vaulting and vault replication capabilities allow you to keep your documents where they are most commonly accessed for optimum performance. This is especially important when dealing with large CAD drawings or 3D assemblies. Whether your needs are LAN-based or span across a global enterprise, Adept can scale to meet your requirements.

  • Designed and optimized to work with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
  • Performance is ensured as Adept’s flexible design is scalable as your document management needs grow and more sites, users and documents are added
  • Adept can manage document vaults located anywhere, providing local document access for optimal performance
  • Vault replication allows multiple geographic locations to share a common Adept Vault, providing users at any location with fast, local access to documents, and ensuring they are always working on the latest version.
  • When vault replication with binary differencing is enabled, only the changes between documents – not the entire file – are replicated to other sites