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Related Fields

Related Fields

The Related Fields feature allows you to define relationships or dependencies between data fields in your Adept Data Card. Think of it as relating your Data Card data fields in a hierarchical structure. Based on the selection you make at the top level, it drives the display of data at each sub-level. The result? Data entry is easy and accurate.

Data selections can be made from a drop down list. Based on the data selected in a top level drop down list, one or more related sub-level data fields are automatically populated with the relevant information.

Desktop-Data-Card-Arch-(2) Desktop-Data-Card-Mech

Administrators can create any number of Related Field combinations that make sense. For example, let’s say there’s a top level data field called ‘State’. When a user selects ‘Texas’ from the State drop down list, the values in the first sub-level field, called ‘City’, display only Texas cities. Selecting ‘Travis’ from the city list causes the third sub-level drop down list field called ‘Project’ to display only Travis-based projects, and so forth.

Auto-fill relationships between one to many fields can also be created. For example, when you select the ‘Project’ field, Adept can automatically fill in the value of multiple other fields, e.g. Project Manager name, address, phone number and other contact information on the Data Card.

You can also use Related Fields to make it easy for your users to search for documents. Using the Adept Search Card, you can enter in top level and sub level data fields to perform a search for documents. This option gives you very precise searching for documents and documents.