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Adept has a proven track record of exceeding customers’ expectations in demanding environments. Our clients range from small to large, from LAN-based deployments to multi-site, global deployments. Adept’s performance is a critical benchmark for all our clients.

Adept is optimized for multi-site global deployments and provides excellent performance over the WAN.

  • Communication between the users’ workstations and the application server is optimized and limited to reduce network latency
  • Low-level, socket based communication protocols ensure an unencumbered and ‘lean’ data transfer
  • Database information is compressed between the client and the server to preserve bandwidth and minimize data transfer
  • Adept’s distributed vaulting and vault replication capabilities provide local access to documents for users who require it most, eliminating unnecessary transfers and ensuring faster document access time
  • Adept takes advantage of multi-threaded server hardware for improved performance
  • Adept supports the use of 64-bit client and server hardware for improved performance