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How Adept Integrates with MicroStation

How Adept Integrates with MicroStation

Here are the ways that Adept addresses the unique requirements of MicroStation users:

Find and Re-Use Existing Design Data – Adept’s full text and structured searching methods allow MicroStation users to quickly find and re-use existing design data. Adept also provides the ability to quickly and easily copy and rename complete designs including all related documents. Learn more

Tag Linking – Text tags from MicroStation-based drawings are automatically extracted into Adept, thereby eliminating manual data entry and ensuring the information can be used for searching or generating reports. Because the link between MicroStation tags and Adept is bi-directional, authorized users can update MicroStation tags from within Adept in single or batch mode, without opening the original drawing documents or needing MicroStation on the workstation.

Reference File Management – Adept manages and tracks MicroStation reference file relationships throughout the document lifecycle. As documents are copied, moved, checked out, revised, and routed, Adept ensures that file relationships are maintained. Adept displays these relationships so users can see where-used and other related file dependencies.

Visualization and Markup – With built-in enterprise visualization software, Adept provides native support for viewing MicroStation documents as well as other 2D and 3D CAD documents, scanned and raster documents, office documents, graphics documents, and EDA PCB/IC layouts and schematics.

  • Built-in reference file management. As documents are checked out, revised, routed through workflow, copied, or moved, Adept ensures relationships remain intact.
  • Ensure accurate information and eliminate manual data entry with Adept’s bi-directional tag linking
  • View, print and markup of native MicroStation documents along with more than 450 additional formats with Adept’s built-in visualization tool.