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Granular Access Rights Control

Granular Access Rights Control

Adept administrators have significantly greater control over user/group access rights to documents than is offered by Windows. Users are placed into one or more Groups and Groups are assigned access rights to collections of documents. You have complete control over who can view, print, markup, copy, check in/out, assign, edit protected metadata fields, create/edit file relationships, approve, delete, move, rename and others.

With Adept, a Group may be given significant access rights to one collection of documents, minimal rights to another, while having absolutely no access rights to another. Groups can be set up according to your needs, and can be created based on department, discipline, project teams, or criteria specific to your organization.


Adept offers flexibility in determining who administers and controls user access rights. Because Adept provides user access to documents, and because Adept’s interface for controlling rights is easy to use, IT staff is not required to manage these rights. Many clients have a document control specialist, project manager or CAD Manager as the administrator for these tasks, as they may be more appropriate to assign resources based on project workload and priority.

  • IT support is not needed to manage and control document access in Adept
  • Powerful and granular access rights provide additional capabilities beyond Windows’ access rights
  • Enjoy flexible rights assignment across the enterprise