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Email Notification

Adept’s Email Notification works with any SMTP or MAPI compliant messaging system, and provides automated email notification to individuals or groups of users. Appropriate team members are automatically notified via email when a file is assigned to them or awaits their approval. By default, email notifications do not include file attachments, which propagate the distribution of uncontrolled documents. Rather, Adept includes a link with each notification that takes the user into Adept and directly to the file(s) that require action. This ensures built-in version control, approval routing, and an audit trail, while eliminating multiple copies of uncontrolled documents sent via email.

In addition, users with permissions may initiate emails manually from within Adept and provide links to select documents. If required, manual email notifications can be generated with zipped file attachments, generally useful for sending information to outside sources.

  • Ensure document workflows stay on track and are executed in a timely fashion
  • Keep all appropriate parties up to date as needed when documents are revised or approved
  • Communicate and distribute information to outside parties from within Adept
  • Retain control over rampant file distribution through email