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Smart Document Vaulting

Smart Document Vaulting

Adept provides single or multi-site companies with secure, controlled access to documents from any connected location. Whether you require a centralized document vault or distributed vaults at each location, Adept ensures your documents are secure and provides built in version control and an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle.

Adept’s vaulting methodology is unique in that it provides the security and control you need without encrypting or scrambling your folder structure or filenames, and without importing your documents into the database itself. Our clients appreciate the fact that their proprietary, mission critical corporate documents are accessible should they ever need to access them outside of Adept or should they ever choose to move their information to another repository. Adept never holds your data hostage. Our fundamental approach also streamlines performance, ease of administration and backups when compared with systems that import documents into a database.

  • Adept provides the document security you need without encrypting or scrambling your documents and folders, or placing them into a database
  • Enable document access and ensure built-in version control, an automated approval cycle, and an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle
  • A single Adept installation provides centralized access to multiple document vaults across your global network
  • Eliminate the need for special or additional backup software or utilities since documents remain vaulted in a network accessible location
  • Save time and IT resources by minimizing database size (no bloat) and backup times since managed documents are not placed in a database