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Batch Document Importing

Batch Document Importing

Getting started with Adept is fast and easy thanks to Adept’s powerful batch document import capabilities. Adept’s “Synchronize” utility scans all the folders across your global network you would like Adept to manage, then creates a one-to-one relationship between each file on the server and a corresponding Adept database record. In a matter of minutes, all your legacy documents can be managed by Adept!

During this same process, the Adept database is populated with metadata extracted from Autodesk, MicroStation, SolidWorks and Microsoft Office documents. This property link eliminates manual data entry and ensures that you have relevant, accurate information in the database for enhanced searching and reporting.

The batch import utility analyzes Autodesk, MicroStation and SolidWorks documents to determine and connect the relationship of each file to its externally referenced documents. This relationship information is automatically stored in the Adept database and the “where-used” or “composed-of” information can be viewed and managed from within Adept.

  • Import a single file, a folder, or an entire hierarchy of folders. There is no limit to the number of documents that can be imported
  • Documents are imported fast and they are immediately available from within Adept
  • Adept users can quickly navigate to their documents using the tree structure they are familiar with or using powerful database search capabilities
  • Save time, eliminate data entry, and increase accuracy with automatic attribute, property and tag information populated directly from Autodesk, SolidWorks and MicroStation
  • Adept automatically recognizes file relationships of Autodesk, MicroStation and SolidWorks documents and “where used” and “composed of” information is displayed and managed
  • documents and folders are not actually moved or copied during the document import, nor are they encrypted, scrambled, or placed inside a database as field content. A link is created between the documents in their vaulted location and the Adept database. The Adept Vaulting technology provides the necessary security for these documents.