Debunking the Myth of a Single Vendor Solution. Synergis Software.

Debunking the Myth of a Single Vendor Solution
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Debunking the Myth of a Single Vendor Solution

Debunking the Myth of a Single Vendor Solution

Why working with the Synergis Software team may be a better choice than working with a single vendor solution

When you’re considering a data or document management system, shouldn’t you just use the solution from your CAD vendor? Isn’t it a “no brainer” to go with a single vendor solution?

The answer isn’t that simple. Here are five reasons why it makes sense to work with Synergis Software over a CAD vendor’s solution.

CAD vendors don’t implement their own solutions. We take personal responsibility for your success. Our services team has a direct line to our support and development staff, you won’t find that in a single vendor’s “partner network.”
It’s likely you have more than one CAD system. Adept integrates with the most popular CAD packages so you have one data and document management solutions for all your different design teams
You probably manage a lot more than just CAD documents. Our customers use Adept to manage documents across their business.
We don’t want to just sell you software. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer a full range of services to help you define and achieve your goals in the shortest period of time
Synergis has been solving data management problems longer than today’s CAD vendors.  We’ve got over 20 years in the data management business and the average tenure of our employees is over 8 years.

At Synergis we are 100% accountable for your success – whether it’s for a single location or for multiple sites across the globe. Our solution works fine out-of-the-box and we can also “engineer it to order” to accommodate your business. We are large enough to support your global needs and small enough to care and provide you personalized attention.

Still not sure about the Synergis advantage? Check out our customers and hear what they have to say…

Our clients are saying…

The team at Synergis Software had an enormous amount of experience in data migration, and their knowledge really provided significant value. They went to the mat for us and did everything in their power to make our company’s launch a success.”
— Plasma-Therm

Adept’s biggest competitive advantage was the people that stood behind the product. It was the people, plus that the company’s 100% commitment to and focus on engineering document management.”
— Guntert & Zimmerman