Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Selects Adept Document Management to Control and Manage its Autodesk Inventor Documents. Synergis Software.

Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Selects Adept Document Management to Control and Manage its Autodesk Inventor Documents
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Case Study

Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Selects Adept Document Management to Control and Manage its Autodesk Inventor Documents

Case Study

Synergis Software, a division of Synergis Technologies, Inc. that develops the award-winning Adept document management & workflow solution, today announced that Indiana University Cyclotron Facility selected Adept to manage its Autodesk Inventor documents. The Indiana University Cyclotron Facility ( is a multidisciplinary laboratory performing research and development in the areas of accelerator physics, nuclear physics, materials science, and medical applications and accelerators.

The facility began searching for a document management solution because its Engineering Department needed to manage and control engineering drawings for multiple projects that may share the same components.

“Our biggest challenge was that the level of control required varies from minimal for experimental devices to strict for FDA approved systems,” said Matthew Gevers, Division Head of Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication, Indiana University Cyclotron Facility. “Adept gave us the flexibility to adjust the level of control according to our specific needs.”

Adept offered Indiana University Cyclotron Facility some unique advantages. The solution delivers the industry’s tightest integration with Autodesk Inventor software to manage the relationship of drawings within and between projects outside of Autodesk Inventor software’s project control. This includes the ability to manually create relationships with any file type. Moreover, Indiana University Cyclotron Facility is now able to maintain a flexible database of drawing information that can be accessed with custom software. In addition, the facility can control native drawing documents without altering them.

“While flexibility and greater control of documents is a significant advantage, Adept’s ease of use allows technically advanced clients, such as Indiana University, to install Adept with little to no assistance,” said Todd Cummings, director of Research and Development at Synergis Software.

The facility is supported by Indiana University, state and federal grants, and user fees and contracts. The laboratory is staffed by approximately 130 highly trained scientific, technical, and administrative staff members. Research and development activities are carried out by scientists and students from around the world.

About Adept Document Management & Workflow

The award-winning Adept software is a proven engineering document management (EDM) solution that supports multiple CAD platforms, including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, MicroStation, and ARCHIBUS. Adept facilitates collaboration between engineering workgroups, departments and remote design teams, ensuring access to the latest revision and streamlining the engineering change processes.

Adept is simple to implement, use, and maintain in a workgroup environment, across departments, or across the entire organization. Adept’s built-in visualization tool displays, prints and redlines more than 300 file formats, including SolidWorks, Autodesk 2D/3D, Microsoft Office and raster documents. Its unique vaulting technology provides document security without changing the original file name or format, and gives cross-geographic users the power of a central database with multiple remote document vaults. Adept provides a comprehensive EDM system out-of-the-box without the need for additional database software, web services, or added client-access database licenses to deliver an unbeatable price/performance value.

About Synergis Software

Synergis Software, an independent division of Synergis Technologies, Inc., has been a proven leader in EDM solutions since 1989. The company’s unique value is its dedicated team of EDM development, implementation, and quality assurance specialists; custom development and support/helpdesk resources; project management experts; and veteran, knowledgeable account managers. Synergis Software provides clients with an expert resource for all pre-and post- data management implementation requirements. Synergis√ɬ≠ industry-leading customers include Delphi Automotive, the United States Coast Guard, FFE Minerals, Georgia Pacific, CBS Corporation, Olin Manufacturing, PPL, Diamond Power, NASA, Wink Engineering, W. L. Gore, Gillig Corporation, General Dynamics, BAE Systems and more. The company serves manufacturers; facilities and asset managers; AEC and architectural firms; government institutions; as well as utilities, process, medical/pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and petrochemical companies.