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Semiconductor Test Manufacturer inTEST Reduces New Product Design Time with Adept Document Management & Workflow. Synergis Software.

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Case Study

Semiconductor Test Manufacturer inTEST Reduces New Product Design Time with Adept Document Management & Workflow

Case Study

Synergis Software, the independent software development division of Synergis Technologies, Inc., today announced inTEST Corporation is using Adept document management & workflow to organize, manage, share and control its 75,000 SolidWorks documents in the design and manufacture of its products used by semiconductor manufacturers to test integrated circuits and wafer products. InTEST’s customers are among the world’s most important manufacturers of semiconductors, including Analog Devices, Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor Group), Intel, Sony, ST Microelectronics, and Texas Instruments.

inTEST (, a New Jersey-based firm with offices in North America and Europe, has been using Adept since the late 1990s. Adept document management software has been key in reducing new product design time and increasing collaboration among inTEST’s facilities in New Jersey, California and England. The company is currently expanding the use of Adept to its Massachusetts facility – bringing the total number of Adept licenses to 60.

“Before Adept, there were millions of paper copies in the company and no way to manage them,” said Christopher Ny, network administrator, inTEST Corporation. “It made sense to get an electronic management system and put everything into a system where you could do a search and get a history of a document.”

When the company started using SolidWorks, Adept software was able to help Engineering reduce the time it takes to develop new designs. “We rely on Adept’s integration with SolidWorks to find parts quickly, as opposed to going through a folder full of miscellaneous documents. It’s also invaluable for searching and checking the status of documents – so we know if a document was worked on and if it’s been approved.”

inTEST is among the majority of Adept customers who see the value of expanding Adept beyond the Engineering department. “Our Purchasing departments in New Jersey and in California use Adept,” said Ny. “When Purchasing sends out a part to a machine shop, they need a print of it. They use Adept to find the latest revision of a part, open it as a PDF, and send it off to be manufactured. In the past, when we ordered a part to be made at a machine shop and sent out an old revision, it wasn’t a good situation. Adept ensures that parts that are being farmed out to a machine shop are always the correct version.”

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Synergis Software creates, implements, and supports document management & workflow software that helps organizations manage, share and control their design and office documents throughout the enterprise. Adept is simple to learn and easy to use and maintain, enabling companies to achieve significant improvements in process automation, design collaboration and business organization. For more information or to register for a live presentation of Adept, please contact Synergis Software at 215.529.9900/800.836.5440 or visit