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What’s New in Adept 2015

What’s New in Adept 2015

More than any previous release, Adept 2015 provides companies with better performance, easier and faster access to mission critical work, and more meaningful ways to collaborate across multiple locations. This release is designed to serve our ever growing and expanding customers with:

  • increased software performance
  • simplified administration
  • global usability
  • richer end-user experience

Here’s a summary of What’s New in Adept 2015:

Scalability and performance – This release can handle tens of thousands of libraries while greatly reducing the amount of data transferred at Login. Now the Desktop and Web client Login times are 3X faster than previous releases. The Adept Web Client’s search results are more than 4X faster than previous releases.

Collaboration – Many new features enable users to organize, share, and gain faster access to their relevant design work with Adept. Users can create and save lists of documents, search criteria, and reports and share them quickly and directly with Personal Groups of colleagues and partners.

Usability enhancements – Adept 2015 contains ease of use enhancements in almost every aspect of the product: From searching and browsing for documents to organizing, reporting, and processing documents and data. This release makes it easier to find, change, see, and share your product and process data managed in Adept.

Administration enhancements – The many administrator changes in Adept 2015 provide greater access and control of your organization’s data and processes, all managed with as little effort as possible.

Globalization – Adept is now available in French with more languages on the horizon. Date and time data storage has been unified into a standard format internally and is available to users locally with several display choices, including the use of your Windows date/time format settings.

For details on all the new features, please read the What’s New in Adept 2015 PDF.