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Adept Process and Utilization Assessment
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Adept Process and Utilization Assessment

Adept Process and Utilization Assessment

The Adept Process and Utilization Assessment is designed to ensure your Adept implementation is in alignment with your most important business initiatives, and to identify opportunities for significant improvement in organizational efficiency, process improvement and enterprise collaboration. The assessment will identify opportunities to take advantage of key Adept features and capabilities you already own to maximize value to your organization and return on investment.

A portion of the Process and Utilization Assessment will be performed onsite (recommended) or via GoToMeeting, and a portion will be performed at Synergis, documenting the summary of findings, analysis, recommendations, conclusion and next steps. The report is typically delivered within ten business days of the onsite portion of the service.

The Adept Process and Utilization Assessment includes:

  • Interactive discussion about your key business initiatives, goals and challenges with your key stakeholders, Adept administrator, and IT leadership. The purpose is to understand how Adept can better support you in addressing each of these areas.
  • Summary business processes assessment – Understand how teams and individuals work together, collaboration requirements internally and externally, business system integration requirements and more.
  • Adept capability and feature utilization review and analysis – Based on your business initiatives, goals and challenges, we evaluate several areas of the Adept solution set to determine if improvements can be made to the way existing capabilities are implemented, or if taking advantage of new capabilities will have a substantial, positive impact.
    — Workflow design, implementation, and configuration
    — Collaboration features utilization and implementation
    — Vault architecture, implementation, and configuration
    — Library management
    — User and Group permissions management
    — Transmittal utilization, implementation and configuration
    — Publishing and printing feature utilization and configuration
    — CAD Integrations configuration and utilization
    — Outlook integration
    — Business system integration
    — Adept Plugins
    — Custom programs