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Annual System Health Check
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Annual System Health Check

Annual System Health Check

The Adept System Health Check is the best way to ensure your enterprise data and document management solution is running optimally. Highly qualified Synergis Software experts will evaluate your system every year to ensure it is running efficiently, reliably, securely, and at peak performance. The Health Check will help identify any potential weaknesses in your system prior to a serious issue. And because we’ve run into situations where some of our clients thought they were backing up their Adept data, only to find that they were not, we’ll verify your Adept backup and disaster recovery procedures are effective. Typically one day of the service will be performed remotely via GoToMeeting with the client, and the remaining portion will be performed at Synergis creating the report and recommendations.

Each Health Check includes the following:

  • Internal review of open customer Helpdesk calls
  • Review of system architecture – server, database, vault architecture
  • Consult with Adept admins, IT and primary stakeholder(s) on status of the implementation
  • Check Adept version levels
  • Review and analysis of Adept system reports
    – Full system report
    – Admin daily report
    – Unlinked records
    – Unresolved relationships
  • Review and analysis of Adept system logs
    – Adept Server log
    – Adept web server log (if applicable)
    – PublishWave log (if applicable)
  • Review and analysis of Adept Database Analysis report
  • Review and analysis of Windows Event Viewer logs on the Adept server
  • Review and analysis of Windows Event Viewer logs on select workstations
  • Review and analysis of MS-SQL or Oracle Logs
  • Review hard drive space, RAM, processor
  • Verify Adept Server, Database and Vault backup and disaster recovery plans
    – Review backup procedures (Verify procedures and storage are optimal for Adept restore)
    – Review disaster recovery procedures (Verify procedures, location and storage are optimal for Adept recovery)
    – Review backup verification procedures
  • Review settings for optimum performance
    – Latency
    – Searching
    – Remote access
    – CheckĀ out/Check In
    – Load children
    – AFS settings
  • Minor tweaks may be made during the Health Check. Other changes may require a statement of work for additional services.

Term: The Adept System Health Check term is for 12 months from the dateĀ of order.


  • All services must be used during the term or they expire.
  • Synergis Helpdesk will continue to own resolution of any existing customer Helpdesk issues. The Application Consultant performing the Health Check will be aware of existing Helpdesk issues and will consider them as they evaluate and analyze the results.
  • If onsite Health Check is preferred, travel expenses and deployment fee are in addition to program fees