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Annual Prepaid Flexible Services. Synergis Software.

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Annual Prepaid Flexible Services

Annual Prepaid Flexible Services

Adept Annual Prepaid Flexible Services are the best and most affordable way to budget for and utilize Adept Services to maintain and grow your Adept implementation, improve your return on investment and take your organization to the next level of efficiency.

Annual Prepaid Flexible Services Contracts may be used toward nearly any Adept service (including all associated Project Management fees).

Eligible services include:

  • Optimization of system configuration and performance
  • Software upgrade services
  • User or Administrator update training services
  • Implementation of new capabilities or functionality
  • Expansion to other departments or sites
  • Workflow consulting and configuration
  • Custom training videos or manuals on customer specific processes
  • Custom application development

Other services may apply, please see your Synergis Account Manager for more information


  • During the term of your contract, you may prepay for additional services to add to your contract at the same discounted level.
    • If you choose to add to an existing contract, the original contract dates will apply.
    • Alternately, you can purchase a separate Services Contract with a new 12 month term, however this contract discount will be based on the new prepaid amount.


  • The contract term is one year from the date of purchase.
  • Any unused contract values expire at the expiration date of the contract and are forfeited.



  • Prepaid Services Contract discount amounts are subject to change.
  • Prepaid Flexible Services Contracts may not be used for:
    • Any services related to the initial implementation of Adept
    • Any Services purchased prior to the start date of the Prepaid Flexible Services contract period
    • Services that have been previously specified with a Synergis Consulting Services Order (CSO aka Statement of Work) within the past year.
  • If travel expenses and deployment fees are required, they will be billed as actuals and are in addition to your contract fees.
  • When ready to utilize your Services Contract, simply contact your Synergis Account Manager to request a quote or a Synergis CSO for the services you desire.