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Microsoft SharePoint Integration. Synergis Software.

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Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Adept’s Microsoft SharePoint integration allows SharePoint users to access files managed by Adept from within SharePoint. SharePoint users have all the capabilities of Adept Explorer and Adept Reviewer, enabling them to find, view, print, markup, compare, and copy and assign files. They can view file status, version and audit trail information, file relationship information, and the progress of a file in a workflow. Users with access to an Adept Reviewer license will be able to fully participate in Adept workflows.

Adept administrators have the ability to control document access at a granular level, just as they can for users accessing files from within Adept Explorer or Adept Reviewer. An Adept Explorer or Adept Reviewer license is activated when Adept is accessed from within SharePoint.